Behind the dish

Hello stranger,

Recently I’ve decided to change my lifestyle and eat healthier. I love eating fast food, cookies and don’t get me started about pastries, but I just can’t stop after one bite. And then there was this one day I woke up and thought: “Nana, your body deserves better, let’s eat healthier!”. And so it began. I started with a detox week to refresh my whole body and now I’m trying to say ‘no’ to all the fried en sweetened food in my life and choose for a healthier alternative. Okay, to be honest not all of them, because I still do two fatty days every month, but ssjjttt that will be our secret. But for now, no midnight snacks anymore.

Not so long ago I’ve also been diagnosed with lactose intolerance, so it’s also a journey for me to get to know new alternatives without lactose in them. And Christ, you have no idea in how many cookies lactose is present.

So basically this blog is going to be my food journey to a healthier, lactose free lifestyle. And I hope you like it.

Nana x


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